Tankmen Spritesheet

2007-10-08 00:24:44 by luke734

I haven't seen one on Newgrounds in my life. So I am making one.

It will probably be released to you all when I finish my Tankmen flash which I will be starting tonight or tomorrow.

It has 79 mouths or something.
tons of body parts
an explosion

It will be sweet.
I will be making more sheets in teh future.

Peace homegirls.


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2007-10-08 12:48:15

DON'T upload it.That would only help the lazy assholes that can't do things for themselves.They make me PUKE!


luke734 responds:

I think I am going to upload it.



2007-10-08 13:29:28

Ah,well.What can I do?

luke734 responds:

Nothing really.


2007-10-08 15:09:55

It will be the beginning of the end...

luke734 responds:

I don't understand what you are trying to say.


2007-10-08 22:32:03

Maybe he means it's the start of the end because a lot of stupid n00bs will use them.Anyway,they will still have to animate...which is the WORST part of the whole thing :P

luke734 responds:

Ya but don't like 20 people atleast 20. Want tankmen spritesheets.
I have seen a few and they can never get any.


2007-10-08 22:57:39

Whatever,make it a rule at if they use them,they atleast co-author you =D

luke734 responds:


I have decided I might not submit it.
But still am not 100 percent sure.


2007-10-08 23:12:08

Whatever,when you do it send me a pic,ok? I wanna see how your Tankmens looks,lol

luke734 responds: