Tankmen: Somewhere In Nevada

2007-10-09 18:02:46 by luke734

I am working on a Tankmen flash. (Hopefully it makes it to the collection)
It is probably my best flash yet.
(I am not very good :) )
Anyways, it is going to be cool.

I won't give it all away.
But I will tell you it has Jebus, Hank, Tricky, and a gay tankman :)

And I gurantee you guys that there will be cock jokes :)

The flash is done a bit, not too much though, about 14 seconds long so far if that.
The voice acting is being done by KJDunwoody and I.

I am doing the gay voice, because I am just so damn good at it.
And Dunwoody will be doing the voice of Hank.
I look forward to seeing this in the collection, but I guess right now all I can do is work hard on it and hope it makes it to the collection.

Thank you for reading : )

<3 (Not a heart in a homosexual way... cock joke)

- Lukas

Edit: Hopefully the flash will be done by Halloween, it might take longer though, i am working on it like 3 - 4 hrs a day sometimes more.
So hopefully some time by the end of the month, then I can work on a christmas flash :)


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2007-10-09 19:25:48

Just don't drop it like the collab,kthxbye.LOL.
It sounds good...

luke734 responds:

Dude, I am not going to drop it like I did with the collab. And I am sorry about what I did, but I just showed no interest in the subject any more.

Thanks for still being nice to me though, unlike 1337.

Anyways, thanks for the comment :D