2007-10-09 22:01:19 by luke734

I am almost done making the intro for it.
I will still be using the NG preloader until I can get somebody to make us a preloader, I am very close to finishing up the intro and I already got the mascot done, his name is Byew.
(B-you is how you pronounce B = the sound a b makes)

I will be making the site/forums tonight or tomorrow.
I am excited and can not wait :)

- Lukas


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2007-10-10 14:06:23

What is this group/crew objective?
What will this group do?

luke734 responds:

Just hang out. work on flash together, make collabs together.
Talk about recent projects and projects that they are working on.

No objective, we just want to have people join and have fun! :)

Check out the site at www.zombiestomp.invisionplus.net

hope to see you have an account on there sometime :)


2007-10-10 16:25:21

Well,sounds cool.And I wanna see the mascot >:O

luke734 responds:

I will post a pic in the future.