Will Make Sheets

2007-10-22 18:07:45 by luke734

Hey guys, just letting you Ng'ers here know that I will make sheets.
But they will be sheets from flashes (ex.. Madness, Tankmen, Little Buzzers, Xombie, etc.)

So, if you guys are interested in me doing that for you I will for sure try my best, it might take a bit.
I expect that I will be credited in credits or co - authored.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read.



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2007-10-23 00:05:28

What's a sheet?

luke734 responds:

Like, you know how people are always asking for Mario Sprite Sheets?

It's like that.


2007-10-23 14:44:28

Wow,I played your little Halloween Pong game and I wanna ask,what tutorial you used?
And I was wondering at maybe we could work together...I could fix some AS bugs and make graphics,what do ya sez?!
I could also add a highscore board (courtesy of ArmorBot.com off course!)

What do ya say?!

luke734 responds:

I will pm you :D


2008-01-26 19:05:40