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2009-07-24 14:41:17 by luke734


My new account is: EpicFail

I will be checking this one sometimes. But I will not be using it as often.

Make sure you message me on that one from now on!




2007-10-23 19:23:52 by luke734

Am I famous like Yeury yet?

Will Make Sheets

2007-10-22 18:07:45 by luke734

Hey guys, just letting you Ng'ers here know that I will make sheets.
But they will be sheets from flashes (ex.. Madness, Tankmen, Little Buzzers, Xombie, etc.)

So, if you guys are interested in me doing that for you I will for sure try my best, it might take a bit.
I expect that I will be credited in credits or co - authored.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read.


Tankmen 2 sheet

2007-10-18 10:02:47 by luke734 me n%20spritesheet%202

here is a link to a tankmen sheet I made.
If you use it please give credit.

Spicing Up My AS

2007-10-12 22:35:24 by luke734

Hey guys, What's new?
I am going to be working harder to learn more AS.
I am getting tired of always making flash movies. And I think it is time I study AS and get better.
It just is so complicated for me though.
But I guess practice makes perfect.

Also, check out the forums for my flash group.
It is getting better all the time and I would love if you registered and posted around:

Thanks guys, bye!

ZombieStomp Productions Site

2007-10-10 18:40:49 by luke734

Has forums and stuff, I just made it late last night so it doesn't have much on it yet.
Check it out though.
And sign up, seeing as it just started up last night it already has 3 members so that isn't that bad.

Anyways, check it out homies.




2007-10-09 22:01:19 by luke734

I am almost done making the intro for it.
I will still be using the NG preloader until I can get somebody to make us a preloader, I am very close to finishing up the intro and I already got the mascot done, his name is Byew.
(B-you is how you pronounce B = the sound a b makes)

I will be making the site/forums tonight or tomorrow.
I am excited and can not wait :)

- Lukas

Tankmen: Somewhere In Nevada

2007-10-09 18:02:46 by luke734

I am working on a Tankmen flash. (Hopefully it makes it to the collection)
It is probably my best flash yet.
(I am not very good :) )
Anyways, it is going to be cool.

I won't give it all away.
But I will tell you it has Jebus, Hank, Tricky, and a gay tankman :)

And I gurantee you guys that there will be cock jokes :)

The flash is done a bit, not too much though, about 14 seconds long so far if that.
The voice acting is being done by KJDunwoody and I.

I am doing the gay voice, because I am just so damn good at it.
And Dunwoody will be doing the voice of Hank.
I look forward to seeing this in the collection, but I guess right now all I can do is work hard on it and hope it makes it to the collection.

Thank you for reading : )

<3 (Not a heart in a homosexual way... cock joke)

- Lukas

Edit: Hopefully the flash will be done by Halloween, it might take longer though, i am working on it like 3 - 4 hrs a day sometimes more.
So hopefully some time by the end of the month, then I can work on a christmas flash :)

Tankmen Spritesheet

2007-10-08 00:24:44 by luke734

I haven't seen one on Newgrounds in my life. So I am making one.

It will probably be released to you all when I finish my Tankmen flash which I will be starting tonight or tomorrow.

It has 79 mouths or something.
tons of body parts
an explosion

It will be sweet.
I will be making more sheets in teh future.

Peace homegirls.